300mg Vape Juice Citrus


Total CBD: 300mg

Size/Volume: 30ml

VG/PG Ratios: 300mg 50/50

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Herbal Health’s revolutionary CBD isolate e-liquid provides a zesty, citrusy punch of delicious flavour. Each puff will leave your senses tingling with incredible tangy vibes.

Herbal Health CBD vape blends are available in 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg concentrations. Each of these concentrations is suspended in 30ml of our premium VG/PG oil base. This oil is then shipped out to our customers in stylish Chubby Gorilla bottles.

To get the most out of a bright, citrusy vape liquid, a low wattage vape device is ideal. However, this formula is perfectly balanced to work with any open system vape device. Open system mods include any device with a heating element that converts these e-liquids into tasty clouds. Depending on the device, vape oils are applied directly to this heating mechanism, or they are added to an included storage chamber in the device.

The cannabidiol found in Herbal Health items has been extracted directly from CBD hemp flowers that contain under 0.03% THC, the legal requirement for free cultivation of hemp in the US. These minuscule amounts are already non-psychoactive, but the cannabidiol used in our e-liquids is delivered in a pure CBD isolate form. CBD isolates do not include THC, meaning they will never cause a false positive on a drug test or cause intoxication.

This CBD isolate is procured in ISO clean rooms, ensuring total purity. Additionally, these products are infused with absolute precision. These procedures lead to incredibly consistent flavours and potency. All products are handled under cGMP quality conditions.

The CBD is then sent out to independent hemp testing facilities for rigorous evaluation. All of the items are proven to contain 0% THC, active levels of plant-based cannabinoids, and additional safe ingredients. When it comes to the properties of hemp, never gamble with the purity of your CBD Vape products. Simply choose Herbal Health, then enjoy superior flavouring and top-tier product quality.

Vaping CBD allows for a reliable and immediate onset. Inhaled cannabidiol also has a higher bioavailability than any other administration method. This does not make cannabidiol inhalation more effective than other choices, but it does allow for on the spot application, and easy control of your dosage. Every administration method will deliver CBD to the body and distribute it uniquely, so it’s best to explore various products.

We ensure that only trusted and commonly used vape oils and citrus flavouring elements have been featured in these top-tier e-liquids. Enjoy these juicy, CBD packed e-liquids, and get ready to blow quality clouds day and night.

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